When visiting the website, you are obliged to familiarize yourself with our privacy policy. Changes and additions to this Privacy Policy may be made, so “My Stock” encourages you to periodically review the Privacy Policy.
 A user who voluntarily provides personal information to “My Store” automatically authorizes My Store to use, store and process the user’s personal data for the purpose of carrying out a contractual relationship with the user. 
This privacy policy defines the manner, purposes, terms of use and storage of personal data of users of “My Stock”. Based on the Law of Georgia “On Personal Data Protection”, the purpose of my stock is to protect the user’s personal data.
This document (Privacy Policy) constitutes an integral part of the terms and conditions of use of the My Stock website, which is a mutually binding document.

 Definition of Terms
The terms used in this document have the following meanings:
• My stock (hereinafter “we”, “our”, “website”) – “Agro Food Trade” LLC established in accordance with the legislation of Georgia (S.N. 404952618)  Actual address: Samurzakanos 33, legal address: Kazbegi 3a.
• Personal data – any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person.
• Data processing – any action performed on data using automatic, semi-automatic or non-automatic means.
• Data subject (hereinafter the user) – any natural person about whom data is processed.
• User’s consent – expressed consent to read this document by the user and process his/her personal data.
• Third party – any natural or legal person, public institution.
• Direct marketing – offering goods and services through mail, phone calls, e-mail or any other means of telecommunication. 

Use of the “My Stock” website is considered as consent of the user to the privacy policy. Accordingly, the user grants My Stock the right to process, store and use the personal information provided by the user.
The said information will be used by my stock for the purposes of providing the service, taking into account the applicable legislation.

Basics of data processing
“My Stock” will process the user’s personal data if:
• There is user consent.
• Data processing is required by “My Stock” to fulfill its legal obligations.
• Data processing is necessary to provide services to the user. 

The purpose of processing the user’s personal data
• Improving the quality of service of my stock;
• Fulfilling the legal obligations of my stock in a timely manner;
• Elimination of claims made by the user;
• monitoring of activities identified by the user on the website;
• Notifying users of updated data on the website of my inventory;
• effective communication with the customer;
• Establishing feedback by the user;
• testing the innovations introduced by my stock;
• Introduction of new products and news on the website;
• Determining the groups of users for whom news should be offered;
• Implementation of marketing and other activities;
• Providing information on purchases made by the user;
• receiving information from an authorized third party regarding the fulfillment of monetary obligations by the user;
• Prevent improper use of my stock system;
• Prevention of crimes stipulated by the Criminal Law Code of Georgia;
• Delivery to the competent state bodies in the cases provided for by the current legislation of Georgia, for the purpose of crime determination, investigation or crime prevention.
• protection of legal interests;
• Other legitimate purpose for my stock provided by the Law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection.

 User Authority 
The user has the right to request the following information about data processing from My Store:
• What user data is processed by my store;
• purpose of data processing;
• Legal basis for data processing;
• how the data was collected;
• To whom the data about the user was given, the basis and purpose of giving the data;
At the request of the user, my stock is obliged to correct, update, add, block, delete or destroy the data if they are incomplete, inaccurate, not updated or if their collection and processing were carried out in violation of the requirements of the law.The user has the right to apply to the state inspector’s office or the court in case of violation of the rights stipulated by the law of Georgia on personal data protection.
The user has the right at any time to refuse the consent given by him to my stock and to request the termination of the data processing and/or the destruction of the processed data.

User Obligation
The user is obliged to provide complete and correct information about him to my store in order to receive the service in the future. This obligation also applies to changes in the information provided by the user.

call centre
Incoming and outgoing calls are recorded, stored and processed for the purpose of improving service quality, troubleshooting, feedback and security of my stock.

My Stock Website Terms of Use
By using the My Stock website, the user consents to the storage and processing of his personal data and cookies (Cookies) by My Stock.
The user is obliged to provide complete and correct information to my store, in case of changes, to update the information provided by him.

A minor
My stock lacks the ability to verify the truthfulness and correctness of the information provided by the user, including the age of the user. If it becomes known that the person providing the information is not of legal age, My Stock is entitled not to take into account the information provided by the minor. If it became known to you that the person registered on my stock is not of legal age and does not have the consent of the legal representative regarding the use of the website, please inform us about this.

Request to stop direct marketing
The customer has the option at any time to ask My Store to stop direct marketing. A user’s request to stop direct marketing does not obligate My Stock to stop providing information about updates and changes.
If you wish to opt out of direct marketing, you can contact me via email. This does not include the termination of the provision of other services by my stock.

Log files and cookies
My stock uses a standard procedure for log files. Like other websites, my store uses cookies. Log files and cookies are used for the website to store information about user behavior and to improve the quality of service. The following information is generated and collected through them:
• IP address
• Device type
• Browser
• Time, date and duration of website visit
• From which platform the user was redirected to my inventory website
• Information about the actions taken on the website of my inventory – what products the customer visited.
This information does not identify a specific user and is analytical data.

The purpose of processing such information is:
• Analyze trends
• My stock to manage the website
• Produce statistics
• Track user actions to create a website experience
• Development and implementation of effective marketing activities
• Giving advice and recommendations

When starting to use the website, the user has the option to accept or not accept cookies. If the user does not press the appropriate button and continues to use the website despite the notice, such action will be considered as consent by the user.
Cookie settings can be changed by changing browser settings.

receiving data
My stock receives information from the following sources:
• When the user fills out the website registration form
• When communicating via telephone or e-mail
• When a customer uses the My Stock website and chat

What kind of data is processed?
When registering on the website, the user provides the following information:
• mobile number
• e-mail
• Address
• name and surname
• personal number
For registration, it is necessary to specify the mentioned information, without which the user cannot register on the website.

After selecting the products, the user will be directed to the bank’s payment page for the purpose of payment, where he indicates his card data and confirms the transfer. My inventory does not have access to the customer’s bank card details. My inventory receives customer checkout information.

Confidential data retention period
My Stock takes responsibility for the confidentiality and security of the user’s personal data.
Confidential information about the user is kept by My Store for the period necessary to achieve the purpose stipulated by the law and this policy.

Protecting the confidential information provided by the user is important to my stock. The user’s personal profile is accessible only to himProtecting the confidential information provided by the user is important to my stock. The user’s personal profile is accessible only through the user name and password chosen by him. My stock Please do not disclose this information to third parties. Otherwise, my stock will be released from full responsibility.
My Stock takes all measures to protect user’s confidential information, but does not accept responsibility and does not guarantee the actions of third parties who make illegal access to My Stock’s servers.

third party
My Stock disclaims all liability with respect to other websites that may be linked from the My Stock website. The privacy policies of other websites may differ from this policy. Therefore, my stock encourages you to familiarize yourself with the terms of use and privacy policy of the website indicated as an external link.

Changes and additions
It is possible to make changes and additions to this document. In case of changes or additions, the user will receive a personal message or will be published on the website.
Changes and additions will come into force after my inventory sends a private message to the user or is published on the website. After the changes and additions enter into force, the user’s use of the website will be considered as consent to the changed conditions.

Connect to my inventory
In order to receive additional information and questions related to the privacy policy, contact us at

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