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"My stock" is an online store of family supplies, which offers customers up to 250 brands of cereals, grains, dried fruits and nuts along with various services.

The goal of the brand is to make easily available to any customer the selected quality product at an unbeatable price. The best online shopping experience is created with hand-picked products delivered to your doorstep, combining the ability to order any volume and free nationwide shipping.

The main achievements of the company are:

• Collection of the best quality products from local producers and the best farmers in the world.
• Promotion of agribusiness and Georgian farmers in Georgia.


Every customer is important to us.

My Stock is on a continuous path of development to make stocking and shopping online a completely enjoyable experience for everyone.

We know how to produce the best product. We know how to create the best service and deliver your favorite products to your doorstep for free.

We control the quality, price and pleasant experience.

Leave the care of stocking up to us, and spend your free time doing things you enjoy and relaxing.

Quality assurance

The certificate of conformity of the National Agency for Agriculture and Food is renewed every month in the enterprise of the online store "Chemi Maragi".

Our warehouse and factory are equipped with all necessary operational resources. Product quality control system has been introduced. The material and technical base and the equipment of the employees are fully in line with international standards.

The farm is equipped with modern technologies - temperature control is in progress, humidity regulating hygrometers are installed. The sanitary and disinfection system is working.

The product goes through all the steps provided for by international quality control standards - from the selection of the product until it arrives packaged at your door.

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