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Exotic products for gourmets

The process of searching for unusual foods in the field of gastronomy is a pleasant and tasty adventure. If you’re a foodie yourself, you know well how tasting new flavors and textures refreshes your taste buds. Quite interesting and exotic flavors can be found in nuts and dried fruits. If you want to try new exotic products, be sure to add: macadamia nuts, chestnuts, pecans, dried passion fruit and dried coconut to your tasting list. In this blog we will discuss the different and distinctive flavors of each of them.

Macadamia nut
Macadamia is an Australian nut with a buttery taste and crunchy texture. This unique product gives an incomparable flavor to both sweet and savory dishes. It is not surprising that macadamia is considered one of the most expensive nuts.
It should be noted that compared to other nuts, macadamia has the highest fat content, and the amount of monounsaturated or useful fats exceeds 72%. Due to its similar content, it is an ideal product for those who want to lose weight in a healthy way. Since macadamia nuts are naturally sweet, they are used in cakes, chocolate desserts, and sometimes even in salads.

Chestnut – nut
Chestnut roots are found in the Mediterranean. Its tropical aromas, subtle sweetness and woody texture create a harmonious balance that gives a wonderful overall taste. It is mainly used to make desserts and butters. You can eat separately as a snack .

Pecan – walnut
An American delicacy, pecans are one of the most famous and delicious nuts, characterized by their rich, crunchy texture and buttery flavors. In addition to the spicy taste, pecan is very useful for our body and can be said to be a deposit of essential substances. Although pecans contain a large amount of fat, they are much healthier than other products of similar content. Pecans also nourish brain cells and are a source of magnesium, thiamin and copper. Pecans are used in cakes, salads and appetizers . It goes very well with meat dishes and can also be eaten separately as a snack.

Dried fruit of passion
Passion fruit – the same dried maracuya is a South American exotic fruit. It has a sweet-sour aroma, and with its exotic taste characteristics, it captures the hearts of many gourmets. In addition, passion fruit contains group of vitamins C, B6 and B3, magnesium, iron, potassium and calcium. You can use it in desserts and breakfasts.

Dried coconut
A tropical paradise is unimaginable without coconuts. Saturated with its aromatic, creamy sweetness, coconut is a favorite product of many people. In its dry form, the coconut undergoes a metamorphosis : the feeling of natural sweetness is enhanced. Along with its exotic taste, desiccated coconut is also a source of healthy fats. It can be eaten as a sweet and used in the preparation of confectionery.

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