5 useful snacks in children’s meals

Healthy and balanced nutrition is an integral part of human health, which needs to be taken care of from childhood. Useful products are important from childhood, so that healthy eating is not boring in adulthood. Properly distributed nutrients in the diet play a crucial role in the development of the child. Food products that are both rich in minerals and taste appealing to children are quite difficult to find. Therefore, nuts and dried fruits are the best alternative in the form of useful khemis.

1. Mix of nuts
Nut mix is ​​an easy-to-prepare and attractive kheema made with a combination of almonds, walnuts and pumpkin hearts. The mentioned Khemsi is ideal to add to breakfast

2. Energy ball
Energy ball is a particularly healthy and interesting khemis made by mixing together dates and pistachios. The mentioned Khemsi is ideal to add to dinner.

3. Nut butter
Peanut butter is an amazingly healthy and delicious spread made from a combination of roasted peanuts and cashews. The mentioned Khemsi is ideal to add to breakfast.

4. Yogurt smoothie
Yogurt smoothie is an exceptionally appetizing and unique smoothie made by mixing yogurt and nuts together. The said Khemsi is ideal to add to dinner.

5. Nut bar
Nut bar is an easy-to-prepare and original snack made with a combination of honey, walnuts and chia seeds. The mentioned Khemsi is ideal to add to breakfast.

For a healthy snack choice for kids, using nuts and fruits is the best combination. The inclusion of this type of product in the daily diet not only diversifies the child’s menu, but also provides the body with minerals and vitamins.

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