A wide range of household supplies

“Chemi Maragi” is an online store of family supplies, which offers customers up to 250 types of cereals, grains, dried fruits and nuts along with various services. The assortment includes the best quality products of various categories at unbeatable prices in the country. The ultimate online shopping experience is created with hand-picked products delivered to your doorstep, including the ability to order any volume and free nationwide shipping.

The brand’s goal is to save customers valuable time and significant money by creating the best online shopping experience with superior quality. Replenishment of family supplies is associated with a lot of effort, list of products, search in markets, spent time and unlimited energy – all this is an integral part of the mentioned process.

The online store of “My stock” is represented by a simple and convenient assortment system, which very quickly ensures the order of selected products without leaving home. Also, in order to simplify the purchase process, it is possible to use different payment methods: cash, card and bank transfer.

The assortment includes different categories of fruits with tropical flavors : grapefruit, pineapple, coconut, passion fruit and mango, as well as nuts with spicy flavors: almond, cashew, pistachio, macadamia and pecan. In addition, there is a special variety of cereals and cereals for unaccustomed housewives.

Along with the mentioned services, customers will get selected product and free delivery service without any limits.

ბრენდის დაპირება: 
რჩეული ხარისხი, რჩეული გამოცდილება – განსაზღვრავს გამორჩეულ ხარისხსა და ონლაინ შეძენის საუკეთესო გამოცდილებას, რომელიც იწყება ხელით ნარჩევი პროდუქციით და გრძელდება სახლის კარამდე უფასო მიწოდებით – ნებისმიერი მოცულობის შეკვეთაზე მთელი ქვეყნის მასშტაბით.