5 products for ideal heart health

5 Products for Ideal Heart Health – The heart is the main vital organ in the human body, the proper functioning of which is critically important. Cardiovascular diseases are the leading causes of death in the world. According to the advice of doctors, taking care of heart health should start at an early age to reduce the risk of developing heart diseases with age. Along with many other risk factors, there are foods that are especially beneficial for heart health.

5 products for ideal heart health:

1) Legumes – beans
From the legume family, beans occupy a leading position due to their high protein content. This product is exceptionally useful for heart health from legumes, which contains large amounts of carotene, B group vitamins, iron, zinc and potassium. Because of the unique set of vitamins and minerals, beans are one of the recommended grains for the prevention of heart diseases.

2) Nuts – walnuts
Walnuts have an important place in the category of nuts for heart health. The product is especially rich in iron, zinc and calcium. It contains a large amount of vegetable fat, which reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood by 12%. According to the advice of doctors, it is recommended to take 4-5 walnuts a day. The high content of vitamin E strengthens the walls of blood vessels, which also ensures a healthy heart.

3) Cereals – oats
Oats from the cereal family are one of the most useful products for the proper functioning of the heart. The substances contained in the product expand blood vessels and, accordingly, regulate blood pressure. Oat flakes are rich in zinc, sodium, potassium, magnesium and have antioxidant properties. Due to the useful composition mentioned above, oats are recommended by doctors as a preventive measure against heart diseases.

4) Cereal – sunflower heart
From the cereal family, sunflower is an important product for the proper functioning of the heart. The product is rich in E and B group vitamins, iron, zinc and manganese. The vitamins and minerals contained in the heart of sunflower improve the work of the heart muscles, which is why it is considered a recommended product for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

5) dried raspberry – dried raspberry
From dried berries, dried berries are especially useful for the proper functioning of the heart, more specifically, dried raspberries. The product contains a large amount of vitamin C, which reduces the risk of inflammation. Dried raspberries have the ability to restore blood, which is why daily consumption of this product has a positive effect on heart health.

To prevent cardiovascular diseases, a complex approach is needed, which a person should start at an early age. Physical activity, healthy lifestyle, eating balanced and vitamin-rich food, along with other preventive measures, provide effective results for the proper functioning of the heart.

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